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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tropical Christmas Tree

Tropical Themed Christmas Tree

Decorating  your Christmas Tree in a theme can be really fun. If you love Tropical we have some great ideas for you. Using a variety of store bought and homemade beach themed decorations you can create a tree that everyone will love.
First you need to decide what type of tree you will get. Real or fake? Do you want a white one or traditional green? Personally with a beach theme I prefer a real tree flocked white to set off my ornaments but a green or artificial tree will look just as nice.
You can use a decorative fish net as a tree skirt around the bottom of your tree instead of a traditional tree skirt.  This will give your tree a beachy tropical feel.
I like to use clear lights to spotlight each ornament. The number of light strands you use on your tree should be one strand for every foot, so for a seven foot tree you will need approximately seven strands. The lights should be put on the tree before anything else. Start at the bottom of the tree and work your way up. To add depth to your tree wrap the light strand around the tree branch from the back out to the front of the branch.
If you want a more Hawaiian look you can use a bright colored Lei Garland in your tree.
For more of a beachy look you can with a Natural Shell and Raffia Garland.
You should have an average of 20 filler ornaments and 10 themed ornaments for every 2 feet of tree. For a seven foot tree that would be a total of 100 ornaments. If you have more than that then use them to. I don't think you can ever have too many ornaments as long as you have a variety of styles.
Filler ornaments are the solid color ball ornaments that you can usually buy in a box of six or more Instead of using a particular color filler ornament for a beached themed Christmas tree I suggest going with clear ornaments and then filling them with small shells, small pieces of driftwood and beach sand. They come in both glass and unbreakable ball ornaments. If you have children or pets I would purchase the unbreakable ornaments.
If you don't live near a beach or have access to sand you can purchase a bag of fine sand and mini seashells.
You could also hot glue mini shells to the outside of clear or colored ornaments for a great beach themed ornament.

Theme ornaments are ornaments that represent your overall theme. In this case it would be ornaments that are beach oriented. Things like shells, ocean animals and fish, anything you would typically see at a beach. There are several cute beach themed ornaments available from a variety of stores on the Internet.

Finally replacing the traditional star on the top of your Christmas tree would make a nice addition to a beach themed Christmas Tree. Maybe a large seashell or a star fish. If this topper doesn't have any lights on it you may want to make sure and string your Christmas tree lights right up to it so it will stand out.
Your Beach themed Christmas Tree is now complete, just add presents.

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