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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


. . I was just reading an article fron the sentinal sun newspaper fron St. Augustine , says tiki is back in style, , I love it , for me of course it never left. But i still found it interesting here it is

This goes along with everything we do here at Suncoast Tiki Huts , from custom building coconut lights , to tiki pole lamps , bamboo cabinets , wall coverings , you name it in architectural tiki living.
We live it everyday , somehow the stresses of the day disappear if you can spend a little time under the tiki hut , or just the tropical atmosphere does something to ease the mind .
I am not saying everything has to be tiki , that is a fun style , we have alot of it outdoors , for the hang out areas , but classic tasteful tropical style also.
Sea grass is a great mat to use as a wall covering , or lahala matting as a wallpaper. It is fairly inexpensive also.
Trimmed with a sanded finished half round bamboo looks great on a bedroom wall , or wainscoting. It doesn't have to be just outdoors , bring a little indoors. I am always available for questions on how to use natural materials.

Go and get creative , create your atmosphere of comfort with the tropical theme , and tiki theme.
There are so many uses for the same products ,and almost all of these are "Green" materials, hand made . Lets all be tiki!