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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tiki Living - The Best Creamy Cole Slaw

The Best Creamy Cole Slaw

8 C finely sliced slivered cabbage( do not use a shredder)

¼ c carrot

1/3c sugar

1/2t salt

1/8t pepper

1 C mayonnaise

2 T white vinegar

2 T lemon juice

Cut cabbage in half using a very sharp butcher knife, then in half again. Lay flat on cutting board, start slicing very thin so the cabbage resembles long strands of noodles . This is the best consistency for this slaw. You can use a food processor and shred if you like, it will just have a different texture.

Add the remaining ingredients , and chill for at least 1 hour to overnight.

Serve with grilled foods , and baked beans for a great summer meal.

You will never buy store bought again!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tiki Living Food - The Best Hot Dog Chili Ever!

I know summer is here and the tiki hut living is going on , lots of grilling , and eating of some great food. I have to share the best hot dog chili sauce ever , better than the michigan coney island places even. This is my mothers recipe . She is the best cook ever , and can go out , eat something , and figure out how to make it from scratch. with sometimes better results than the original.
So when you are going to grill those great hot dogs. make up a batch of this great chili the day before , or that morning , and have it ready to go.
Whats better than a grilled hot dog with some chili onions and mustard! YUM!
next time... the best cole slaw .

The best  Hot Dog Chili Sauce ever

2 lbs  Hamburger

4 T  Flour

4 T  Chili Powder

1 T  Paprika

1t   Cumin

1 t  Tumeric

1 t  Celery salt

1 T  Chichen  Boullion  powder , or 3 cubes mashed

6 oz. v8 juice

14oz beef broth

Cook hamburger in a skillet chopping fine as you cook, mash in pan with a potato masher , or fork until a very fine crumble. Keep on low heat.

In a blender put the remaining ingredients in and blend well add to the meat mixture , and cook until thickened.

Take out 2 cups of the mixture from the pan, and return to blender and puree until smooth, and back to mixture , heat well , and serve with chopped sweet onions and mustard.

This makes plenty of hot dog chili , you can freeze some for a later date.